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Three Phase DC Machines

Three Phase DC Machines Compact Line

DC Three-phase welding machines, offering the following additional features -

- High power factor
- Reduced load on plant primary electrical service.
- Balanced load distribution on the three phases.
- Reduced effect of magnetic materials between arms on the welding current.
- Reduced installation costs.


Three Phase MFDC Machines

Three Phase MFDC Machines MFDC Machines


WELDING CONTROL UNIT TE700 - Inverter command with medium frequency IGBT, with possibility of choosing the operating frequency of the inverter between 1000 Hz and 4000 Hz. Storage of up to 300 welding programs; 255 may be called from external devices. Possibility of associating an 8-character alphanumeric identifier with each weld program. Possibility of managing as many as 4 different welding transformers or as many as 4 different kinds of electrodes through the same control unit. Overheating protection for the welding transformers. Up to 32 programmable parameters for each program. Slope up, Slope down, pulses, pre-weld, post-weld functions and adjustment of the welding times with units of 1 mS. Display of the RMS of the welding current, energy, power, RMS value of voltage at the electrodes, of the initial and final resistance, of the machine's thermal use percentage, of the machine's use percentage and, as an option, of the initial thickness of the material to be welded and the indentation at the end of the weld.

6 WORKING MODES - constant current, constant power, constant voltage, FIX, constant energy, DYNAMIC mode. Limit indicators for: Current, voltage at the electrodes, energy, power, inverter use ercentage, initial and final resistance of the material to be welded; thickness and indentation limit of the material (optional).

Double stroke function. Stepper function to compensate the wear and tear of the electrodes with programmable curves and possibility of intervening independently on the welding time and current through differentiated stepper laws. Possibility of using 4 different stepper options associated with 4 different spot counters associated with each weld program. Control of 5 solenoid valves 24 VDC max. 5 W with selfprotected output. Output for proportional solenoid valve. Selectable languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish or Portuguese. Possibility of managing as many as 4 different electrode tip dressings at the same time through 4 different spot counters (optional).

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