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resistance-welding-controllers TECNA Weldcon brings you the latest and most sophisticated Welding Controller Units built by TECNA. TECNA has a range of Welding Controller Units that are designed and built keeping various application areas in mind.

spring-balancers TECNA S.p.A. produces and distributes a complete range of BALANCERS having a capacity from 0,2 up to 180 kg and an available wire stroke up to 3 meters.

body-repair-item-3460 Extremely versatile, it is the ideal equipment for the repairs in car body shops. It allows to single-spot weld rivets, screws, self-threading rivets, washers and pins. It is possible to perform shrinking.

weld tester The TE1700 "WELD TESTER" is a portable instrument purposely designed for measuring the parameters of resistance welding. By using probes of different kind, the same instrument enables measurement of the welding current

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