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Manual AC Integrated Trans Guns

Green Line Welding is a power hungry process. Be it in any form. Optimizing power consumption in Resistance Welding Process has never been more effectively addressed than these machines.

Compact Line Equipped with ISO standard transformers, these guns form the middle range of the available variety. While maintaining the transformer standards compatible with international ISO specifications, every attempt is made to make the machine compact and light weight.

High Force Line With the introduction of high strength steels in automotive application, it has become necessary to deploy machines capable of delivering higher electrode force. Specific difficulty is in applications needing longer arm lengths.

Off Board Control This range is designed, to cater to specific needs, equipped with microprocessor based controller TE550. This option provides customers possibility to include add-ons such as Proportional Valve, Air Pressure Switch, Remote Power On/Off, various network interfaces with controller.

High Force Line TE450 &TE470 are microprocessor welding control unit for suspended resistance welding guns. These control units include specific functions to be used when working with suspended welding guns, such as the double stroke control.

Manual MFDC Type Integrated Transformer Guns There are applications and situations where the MFDC resistance welding is the best choice available. Although there are significantly higher initial prices, the overall cost of using MFDC over single and three-phase SCR control may actually be significantly lower.

Inverter Medium Frequency Controllers MFDC Control Unit TE700 is the control unit to control and manage the MFDC Inverter Booster, which in turns supplies the high frequency power to the welding transformer.

TECNA's medium frequency system works with different frequencies (up to 4kHz) and with six different working modes.

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