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Inverter Medium Frequency Controller TE 700

Inverter Medium Frequency Controllers MFDC Control Unit TE 700 is the control unit to control and manage the MFDC Inverter Booster, which in turns supplies the high frequency power to the welding transformer.

TECNA's medium frequency system works with different frequencies (up to 4kHz) and with six different working modes.

DYNAMIC MODE - This mode is also called ADAPTIVE. In fact, it is able to detect possible abnormal conditions like impurities on sheets, incorrect overlapping, electrodes wear etc., and to dynamically change and compensate parameters during the welding process and try achieving always the same final welding results. This "real time" compensation is carried out by extending or shortening the welding time up to a maximum limit set by the operator. The control unit also compensates the welding current, in this case for avoiding the projection and the expulsion of molten material.

The welding process can be kept under control by using different windows of LIMITS which could be: Current, Voltage to the electrodes, Energy, Power and in FIX. Moreover, it is possible to control the current supply through an analogue signal in voltage of 0-1 0 V (External Input) and to generate a current profile proportional to the voltage signal.

CONCLUSIONS - The medium frequency system allows gaining different advantages, which can be summarized as follows:

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