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TECNA S.p.A. produces and distributes a complete range of BALANCERS having a capacity from 0,2 up to 180 kg and an available wire stroke up to 3 meters. The TECNA BALANCER is an essential device to eliminate the operator's labour, to increase productivity by cutting down idle times and to improve the work quality. Furthermore, the use of the TECNA BALANCER reduces hoses and cables wear and avoid eventual damages to both people and tools.

The application of the TECNA BALANCER is absolutely versatile: it may be used for bench or assembly line works and it may be suitably applied to small tools, industrial suspended welders and multiple screw drivers. The TECNA balances are produced in conformity with the DIN 15112 Directive. Thanks to their high structural technology and their compliance with the laws in force, they are BG certified by the relevant German Institute for their safe use in the working environment. TECNA produces a new range of BALANCERS, ATEX certified, suitable to be installed in potentially explosive areas composed by flammable gases or combustible dusts.

The ergonomic structure of the TECNA BALANCERS has been designed for facilitating each use operation, ranging from movement easiness to body robustness, from simple use to lifting power. TECNA, as producer, provides special and customized versions on demand.

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