bullet Robot Spot Welding Guns

TECNA Robot Guns are available in various combinations of Actuators and Technologies.

This complete range is evolved with time and technology.

Actuators : Pneumatic Actuator & Servo Motor

Technology : Single Phase AC & Medium Frequency DC

Power Ratings : 36KVA to 103KVA

And various combinations of the above.

This wide variety of combination gives rise to multitude of models available for selection.


Robot Spot Welding Guns - First Generation

Pneumatic Robot Guns

pneumatic-robot-gun pneumatic-robot-gun

These are the first generation of Robotic Spot Welding Guns, equipped with pneumatic actuators/cylinders.

Although the industry at large is shifting from Pneumatic Actuators to Servo Motor

actuators, there are certain situations where the Pneumatic Gun is a suitable choice.


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